Empty Spaces

by Brodie Clement

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Maybe a second shot at this, would work after all
And maybe your soft hands holding mine, would keep you from the cold
Oh i was wrong to thing that we'd end up that way
I thought my heart would never love another from the words you say
You never lied about the things, i constantly asked
You never seemed so out of line, until that day had passed
It seemed so clear the motives that kept you pushing on
It seems that all the time i spent was all a stupid waste
Just not sure how, i'll be getting on

Maybe the barriers i put up, are keeping friends away
Staying safe inside my head, is whole new game
I was so sure it was your actions that fucked me up
I second guess all of my guesses until my thoughts are all stuck
Forever against them all, as you press up on me upon a wall
Touch my lips with yours, awaken the butterflies with your call
It's such a shame to think it'll never be the same
You're body with someone else i give myself the blame

I'll keep the memories and burn their essence through the hole formed in my heart
And all the stories you told me never seem to resonate from this lonely start
Swindled and faked all the courage you gave me your showered by guilts disgrace
I lost the scene of the movie the film has developed but emptiness takes it's place


released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Brodie Clement Adelaide, Australia

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